Regional Health Information Systems Workshop

CDB in collaboration with the Office of Caribbean Programme Coordination PAHO/WHO hosted a workshop on September 8 and 9, 2009 out of which an Action Plan should evolve for the collaboration of the Borrowing Member Countries in the development and implementation of Health Information Systems.  The objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. ascertain the current status of health information systems development and implementation in the BMCs;
  2. illustrate the opportunities ICTs offer to health planners and administrators in their efforts to achieve the MDGs;
  3. highlight opportunities for cost saving and greater efficiency through regional collaboration;
  4. share lessons learnt so that countries in moving forward with the implementation of health information systems can avoid costly mistakes;
  5. broadly identify the necessary policy and interoperability requirements to be considered early in the planning process;
  6. identify legislative and other regulatory requirements to support the effective operation of health information systems;
  7. establish a functional network for sharing and for realising benefits from collaboration;
  8. devise a way to address the necessary capacity building to maintain the health information systems implemented; and
  9. identify the need for strong and effective stakeholder relationships.

Workshop Presentations

Report of Workshop – Hallam Hope, Caritel