Office of Integrity, Compliance and Accountability


The Office of Integrity, Compliance and Accountability (ICA) is an operationally independent office. In this context, independence means that ICA is functionally independent of the other units, divisions, departments and offices of the Bank. ICA reports administratively to the President and functionally to the Board of Directors through its Oversight and Assurance Committee.


Tone from the top, ICA



ICA is mandated to operationalise, manage and refine the Strategic Framework for Integrity, Compliance and Accountability.

The scope of ICA’s work covers all relevant:

  1. activities, risks and violations related to the Bank’s internal systems and external operations including projects financed by the Bank, the Bank’s internal or corporate procurement and its external or project-related procurement; and
  2. parties who work for or with the Bank or who are engaged with the Bank on any transaction.


ICA’s model is a convergence of five traditional governance office functions into a single office. For these purposes, ICA has a broad range of powers including:

  1. the authority to request the assistance of any unit, division, department or office of the Bank; and
  2. unrestricted access to staff, records of the Bank (subject to strict confidentiality) and assets in the custody or control of the Bank.