Strategic Framework

ICA is mandated to operationalise, manage and refine the Strategic Framework for Integrity, Compliance and Accountability. 


The Strategic Framework for Integrity, Compliance and Accountability articulates a comprehensive strategy for institutional integrity (fraud and corruption), ethics, whistleblowing, anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, monitoring of financial sanctions, and accountability for environmental and social harm caused or likely to be caused by projects financed by the Bank.


The Strategic Framework is founded on the following four core principles:

(a) integrity;

(b) accountability;

(c) excellence; and

(d) transparency

Strategic Pillars

The strategy that drives the Strategic Framework is based on the following four Pillars that emphasise building and strengthening the Bank’s internal capacity for:

PILLAR I – Institutional Integrity, Ethics and Whistleblowing (Fraud and Corruption)

Promotion of Integrity and Ethics including prevention, detection, investigation, sanction and enforcement through an internal independent mechanism, including for whistleblowing and protection of whistleblowers from retaliation.

PILLAR II – Compliance (AML/CFT and Financial Sanctions)

Combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (ML/FT) and monitoring of financial sanctions through the use of an internal mechanism for prevention, detection and remediation of Compliance-related risks.

PILLAR III – Project Accountability (Projects Complaints Mechanism)

Accountability for environmental and social harm from projects financed by the Bank through an internal independent accountability mechanism called a Projects Complaints Mechanism.

PILLAR IV – Collaboration

Collaboration with other IFIs and development partners to develop international best practices and to enhance the effectiveness of the Strategic Framework and ICA.