Whistleblowing and Reporting

Whistleblowing Policy

ICA will operationalise and manage a Whistleblower System, which provides the primary mechanisms for the secure receipt and handling of all complaints, submissions, reports and disclosures from persons classified as whistleblowers and witnesses, as provided for in the Whistleblower Policy.

ICA works to ensure that complaints made through the Whistleblower System are treated with security, confidentiality and independent review and that complainants are provided with protection from retaliation.

Allegations may be made by a variety of sources including staff, consultants, contractors, and other persons who may consider themselves participants in, witness to or victims of wrongdoing.

Complaints may be submitted through/by:

  1. The globally accessible Whistleblower Hotline at 770-409-5029;
  2. The online Whistleblower Webform;
  3. Email to ICA at ica@caribank.org;
  4. In-person visits to ICA; 
  5. Mail (whether posted or hand delivered marked Strictly Confidential) to ICA at the following address:

Head,Office of Integrity, Compliance and Accountability
Building A
Caribbean Development Bank
St. Michael