About Us

The Office of Independent Evaluation (OIE) reports to the Board of Directors and has the authority to independently evaluate projects, programmes and technical assistance (TA) financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), inclusive of strategies and policies. The oversight function assesses the internal processes and procedures of CDB that may affect the Bank’s development effectiveness. Lessons learnt and recommendations for improvement are disseminated within the Bank and to the Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) to improve performance of ongoing and future activities. In addition, OIE may provide evaluation capacity development services to CDB staff, as well as to BMCs and external evaluators. OIE contributes to enhancing the development results of CDB.

OIE has access to all CDB records, data, documents, and staff, except where specific grants of confidentiality have been made pursuant to, or are required by, CDB policies. In addition, OIE has authority to interview staff of Member Country agencies; organisations implementing CDB projects, programmes, or other activities; and civil society representatives and others who may have information relevant to the evaluation of CDB activities.

OIE may provide general advice on evaluation systems to operational departments, and also may participate in the discussions of the Loans Committee to provide input from evaluation findings. However, in order to preserve its independence, OIE does not participate in making decisions on specific projects, programmes, or other development activities.

OIE’s work programme is structured to report on the results reflected in the Results Management Framework (RMF) of CDB at Level 2 – Country and Regional Outcomes; Level 3 – Operational and Organisational Effectiveness; and Level 4 – Ownership, Harmonization, Alignment and Partnerships. The work programme includes oversight in the form of performance based audits, project performance audits and ex-post evaluations which will be the building blocks for higher level evaluations, thematic, and sector evaluations.

CDB’s evaluation system encompasses both self-evaluation and independent evaluation. Both are important, and serve the institutional need for sound evaluative information and perspectives. They apply to all projects, programmes, policies, and other development-related activities undertaken by CDB. Self-evaluation is the foundation of the evaluation function. It is conducted by the Projects and Economics Departments under Management oversight. Independent evaluation is undertaken by OIE. Independent evaluation builds on the foundation of self-evaluation.

OIE audits all Project Completion Reports and undertakes performance evaluations of completed projects (and selected ongoing projects), programmes, policy-based loans, TA activities, and other development efforts to assess their outcomes and impact on the economic and social development of BMCs. It also conducts sector policy and thematic reviews, country strategy evaluations, and corporate process reviews. From time to time, it may carry out ad hoc reviews requested by the Board of Directors or Management, where resources permit.