Our Team

The Office of Independent Evaluation (OIE) comprises a team of four.

OIE staff report to the Board of Directors and has the authority to independently evaluate projects, programmes and technical assistance financed by the CDB, inclusive of strategies and policies. To contact us email: OIE_helpdesk@caribank.org

James Melanson, Head, Office of Independent Evaluation

Tel: (246) 431-1719

Email: melansj@caribank.org

Appointed as Head of OIE in January 2017, James has worked for almost 30 years in the planning, implementation and evaluation of international development programs.    His academic background is in economics (B.A Queen’s University, M.A. York University), with a Graduate Diploma in Policy and Program Evaluation (Carleton University).  Most recently, as Head of Development Evaluation for Global Affairs Canada, he led a team of evaluation professionals in the assessment of Canada’s international aid programs.  Areas of focus included country assistance reviews, meta-evaluation of the development effectiveness of multilateral organisations, and thematic evaluation of major investment areas (for example MNCH).  Contributions were made to international evaluation networks, including the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) of a more evidence-based review methodology; and the OECD/DAC EVALNET of improved approaches to country assistance evaluation.  Prior assignments were in planning and managing development programmes in southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, and Afghanistan.  James also served as Canadian representative to the UN organisations in Rome (WFP, FAO, IFAD).  In his new role at CDB, he aims to contribute to the further evolution of the Bank’s evaluation culture and capacity, so that the effectiveness of its interventions, and lessons learned from them, can be clearly and cogently communicated to both internal and external stakeholders.

Mark Clayton, Head, Senior Evaluation Officer

 Mark Clayton final

Tel: (246) 431-1751

Email: claytom@caribank.org

Mark Clayton joined the Office for Independent Evaluation in March 2013. He has over 20 years of international development experience in research and evaluation. Prior to joining the Caribbean Development Bank, Mark worked as Evaluation Adviser for the Department for International Development, covering the Climate, Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods sectors. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively in research and evaluation, with an emphasis on the Agricultural, Commodity, Natural Resource and Environment sectors, extending to Aid for Trade, Climate Change, Energy and Water and Sanitation. He has lived and worked overseas, predominantly in Africa, with shorter project missions to Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mark also has prior experience in Project Management, Development Strategy and Policy Analysis and has worked with both Bilateral and Multilateral Development Agencies, including the Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organisations and is keen to ensure that the appropriate balance is struck between accountability and lesson learning, using evaluations as an important tool to ensure that the lessons from previous experience are effectively used to inform future strategic and policy options. He is keen to broaden the range of methods and approaches to evaluation to suit the type of intervention and country context and is an advocate for strengthening the evaluation profession through the development of more local and regional evaluators.

Everton Clinton, Evaluation Officer

 Everton Clayton vr2

Tel: (246) 431-1942

Email: clintoe@caribank.org

Everton Clinton is an Evaluation Officer in the Office of Independent Evaluation (OIE). He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree in Financial Management, the Chartered Professional Accountant, Canada (CPA) and the Certified General Accountant, Canada (CGA) designations. He has worked in OIE as Evaluation Officer for the past five years and has been involved in evaluating and validating programme and project work in a wide range of sectors and thematic areas. He has previously worked as Portfolio Performance Officer in the Evaluation and Oversight Division and as Project Officer, Technical Cooperation, at the Caribbean Development Bank. Mr. Clinton has successfully completed a wide range of courses in development evaluation at the Evaluators’ Institute of Washington and under the World Bank sponsored International Programme for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET). He is a member of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS).

Kaia Ambrose, Evaluation Officer

Tel: (246) 431-1816

Email: ambrosk@caribank.org

Kaia Ambrose is a national of Canada and joined the Bank as Evaluation Officer in the Office of Independent Evaluation in September 2017, where she assists in commissioning and overseeing thematic and sectoral evaluations.

Prior to joining the Bank, Ms. Ambrose worked as Senior Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor for CARE Canada and CARE USA, in addition to providing support to numerous other organizations around the globe, including The World Bank, the International Development Research Centre, numerous CGIAR entities, and international and national NGOs.   In these roles she has developed M&E policy guidance, conceptual papers and training materials and provided on-going and hands-on technical assistance and training to proposal developers, field staff, program managers, senior management and local partner organizations in over 30 countries, as well as managing and conducting mid-term and final evaluations for different organizations.   She is an expert facilitator in Results-Based Management and Outcome Mapping, two M&E approaches that she has used for over 20 years to encourage user-focused and learning-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems, processes and products, with a focus on complexity and systems.  She is passionate about understanding the human actions and interactions behind the change that development initiatives aim to support, and believes that this understanding is vital to doing development differently and with great sustained impact.  Ms. Ambrose has lived in Kenya, Nepal, Mexico, Ecuador and Canada.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Ms. Ambrose holds a Masters in Community-Based Natural Resource Management from  the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador and a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Comparative Development Studies from Trent University, Canada.

Denise Padmore, Administrative Assistant

Tel: (246) 431-1726

Email: padmord@caribank.org

Denise joined the Caribbean Development Bank in December 2010 bringing with her over 15 years of administrative experience. Before joining the Office of Independent Evaluation in January 2015, Denise worked in Economics Department of the Bank. Denise holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting and Management and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.