Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, is the only nation state of the Commonwealth of Nations on the mainland of South America. It is north of the equator but in the tropics and is located on the Atlantic Ocean.



Quick Facts


Capital City: Georgetown
Area: 214,970 sq km/ 83,000 sq mi
Population: 735,909
Time Zone: UTC -04:00
GDP (PPP): $6.051 billion (2016 est.)

note: datum in 2016 US dollars
Currency: Guyanese Dollar (GYD)
% of Shares:(as of December 31, 2016) 3.72
Source: Central Intelligence Agency. (2017). The World Factbook: Guyana. Updated June 26, 2017


CDB Involvement

Guyana joined the CDB in 1970 and in 2014, approximately 3% of the USD228,340 million distributed in loan approvals were for projects in Guyana. CDB funding in Guyana is used for financing social and economic infrastructure such as schools, road and water projects, building more disaster-resistant structures, community skills training and support for small and medium-sized enterprises. CDB funded projects are administered through the Basic Needs Trust Fund in the Ministry of Finance, Guyana, and through other Government Ministries, such as the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Works. Projects are also done in collaboration with locally-led neighourhood democratic councils (NDCs) and community development associations.

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