The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is headed by the Board of Governors, which delegates oversight of Bank operations to the Board of Directors chaired by the President. The President is appointed by the Board of Governors and is responsible for the day-to-day business of the Bank. He is assisted by two Vice-Presidents and an advisory management team, comprising the Directors of each department.

Office of the President

The President is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank. He conducts, under the direction of the Board of Directors, the current business of the Bank. The Internal Audit Unit, Office of Risk Management, Corporate Communications Unit and the Office of Independent Evaluation are attached to the Office of the President.

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Office of the Vice-President (Corporate Services) and Bank Secretary

The Vice-President (Corporate Services) and Bank Secretary is responsible for the effective planning, development and provision of advice and services relating to the Legal Department, Finance and Corporate Planning Department, Information and Technology Solutions Department, Human Resources and Administration Department and the Bank Secretariat.  External relations with member countries, donor and other international organisations are also the Vice-President (Corporate Services) and Bank Secretary’s purview.

Legal Department
The Legal Department is responsible for the provision of legal services, advice and counsel so that the Bank, in the conduct of its affairs, is in compliance with its Charter and international and municipal law. It is also responsible for ensuring that the negotiations and drafting of all Bank agreements are in compliance with relevant law. The department also provides advice and counsel to ensure the Bank’s activities are conducted in accordance with existing policies, rules and procedures.

Finance, and Information & Technology Solutions Department
The Finance, and Information & Technology Solutions Department is responsible for the effective planning and management of the financial operations of the Bank, encompassing capital markets, treasury and accounting activities. In addition, the Department is responsible for the strategic planning and provision of advice and services relating to the management and use of information and technology in the Bank’s operations and in support of the Bank’s project financing and technical assistance activities. It advises on managerial processes, analyses business processes and evaluates the impact on organisation structure. The Department consists of two Units – The Technology Solutions Unit and the Information Services Unit.

Human Resources and Administration Department
The Human Resources and Administration Department is responsible for planning and providing advice, programmes and services relating to strategic human resources planning and management, the Bank’s organisation structure and a wide range of administrative services including communications, property management and maintenance, cost-effective procurement of goods and services, printing and reproduction. The Department is made up of the Human Resources Division and the Administrative Services Unit.

Bank Secretariat
The Bank Secretariat has prime responsibility for the Bank’s corporate communications functions and managing its corporate image. The Secretariat is also responsible for managing all necessary activities to support the statutory functions of the Board of Governors and Board of Directors of the Bank. This includes providing corporate secretarial services that enable the hosting of Board meetings, as well as ensuring the recording, cataloguing, storage, retrieval, publication and dissemination of information relative to decisions of the Boards of Directors and Board of Governors.

Office of the Vice-President (Operations)

The Vice-President (Operations) is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Bank’s lending and related economic activities. This post is responsible for the Projects Department, the Economic Department and the Corporate Strategy Division.

Projects Department
The Projects Department is responsible for the identification, appraisal and supervision of all capital and Technical Assistance Projects, as well as sector loans intended for and/or included in the Bank’s portfolio. Monitoring and evaluating the Bank’s loan portfolio, preparation of sector analyses/policy papers for external training and the provision of assistance to micro and small enterprises are also within its purview. The Projects Department consists of several divisions/ units: Economic Infrastructure Division, Social Sector Division, Technical Cooperation Division, Renewable Energy/ Energy Efficiency Unit, Procurement Policy Unit, Private Sector Development Unit, and the Environmental Sustainability Unit. Major programmes of the Bank such as Public-Private Partnerships Support Facility, Disaster Risk Management (DRM), the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) and the Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services Network (CTCS) are supervised by the Projects Department.

Economics Department
The Economics Department provides analysis, policy advice and macroeconomic management support to the Bank’s borrowing member countries. The department manages the provision of technical assistance for various aspects of economic management in BMCs, and provides such assistance directly, through staff visits. It maintains working relationships with the economics departments of other multilateral agencies, and participates in joint surveillance and direct assistance missions to BMCs with both Regional and extra-Regional institutions.
Corporate Strategy Division
The Corporate Strategy Division is responsible for the development and coordination of the Bank’s strategic planning process, including the preparation of the Annual Work Programme and Budget.