Food Price Shock Seminar

A Seminar, co-sponsored by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), under the theme “The Food Price Shock and the Caribbean: Analysis and Response”  was held at CDB’s Headquarters on June 16, 2008. 

This Seminar was intended to extend the dialogue on this critical issue and to provide a clear road map on the nature and type of interventions that are necessary.  It was also intended to identify ways in which CDB and IDB can be of assistance to the Region in dealing with this issue.  It was an opprtunity for Government officials, policy makers as well as key stakeholders in the agricultural sector of CDB and IDB Member Countries to discuss the challenges and responses relating to this issue.

This seminar took place against the backdrop of recent persistent increases in food prices and reduced food availability that have had a very deleterious impact on Caribbean economies.  This develoment, attributed to increasing global demand for food, high fuel prices and adverse supply movements, is expected to persist over the medium-term and will require appropriate policy responses on the part of regional governments.  If not appropriately addressed, this situation could potentially compromise the continued development of the Region and erode some of the social gains achieved over many years.

Papers from the Seminar

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