A New Place to Teach the Future in Tuschen, Guyana

There was a time when classrooms at Tuschen Nursery School were overcrowded, hot and poorly outfitted. Children had to travel out of their neighbourhood for a proper learning experience.

Today, the future of Guyana has a brand new school that accommodates 180 students. It is furnished to provide high-quality early childhood development services for the community.

The school is one of the five designed to CARICOM Early Childhood Education Standards and funded through the sixth cycle of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) at the Caribbean Development Bank.

Watch the students enjoy their new school, as parents and teachers discuss how the Tuschen Nursery School means for their children’s lives and their community.

The Basic Needs Trust Fund contributes to poverty reduction in targeted communities by providing infrastructure and livelihood enhancement services for the most vulnerable in the Caribbean region.