VYBZING Youth Forum participants showcase their talents

Creative youth from St. Kitts and Nevis are unleashing their creative thinking skills at the VYBZING Youth Forum through hands-on experiences.

Participants were placed in groups of five and engaged in a practical session where they had to build blocks of creative entrepreneurship.

Key Facilitator, Dr. Jo-anne Tull outlined the scope of the foundations of creative entrepreneurship. “This activity introduced participants to the key terms and related concepts that are foundational to the operation of any business enterprise,” she stated, adding, “Participants were encouraged to define the key concept of entrepreneurship for themselves, and were introduced to the importance of strategic communications for creative enterprises.”

Dancer, Tricia Greaux, shared her views on the forum. “This forum will refine my entrepreneurial skills especially regarding marketing output for my dance group,” she said. “Through this medium, I am gaining assistance with packaging my creative product.”

Stephan Joseph, a digital media and communications enthusiast shared similar sentiments. “The forum is very informative and interactive,” he stated. “It’s giving us practical insight to situations that we can relate to, which helps me to streamline my own idea into a manageable and accomplishable goal.”

Tricia encouraged persons who have talents hidden to get out there and showcase them. “Try! Try! Try! Don’t be afraid to fail, use it as a learning opportunity that will lead you to success,” she stressed. “Be passionate about what you are doing. Passion ignites the fire within you to succeed.”

Stephan also encouraged individuals to get out there and take a risk and praised the facilitators for hosting forums such as this one that helps them to iron out the kinks.

The sessions will conclude today, Friday May, 15 with a dynamic group presentation where they will conceptually design a creative-based project that they can realistically execute over the next nine months. The winning group will see each member walking away with a prize of US$100.

VYBZING is organized by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in collaboration with the Department of Youth.

VYBZING15 Tricia Greaux_Stephan Joseph

CAPTION: Participants in the VYBZING Youth Forum, Dancer, Tricia Greaux, and Stephan Joseph, a digital media and communications have described the Forum as educational.