Preparation of a Procurement Manual for Community-Based Organisations






1.01      The Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (CDRRF) is a multi-donor trust fund established by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in March 2012 with resources being provided by the Government of Canada acting through Global Affairs Canada, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland acting through its Department for International Development and the European Union (EU) through resources provided to CDB under the African Caribbean Pacific-EU-CDB Natural Disaster Risk Management in CARIFORUM Countries Project.  The purpose of CDRRF is to provide grant funding for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and/or climate change adaptation (CCA) initiatives at the community level in CDB Borrowing Member Countries, with the exception of Haiti.  The DRR/CCA initiatives undertaken at the community level should seek to enhance livelihoods, resilience, and sustainability within the community.  Additional information on CDRRF is shown at the following website:

1.02      In relation to procurement, CDRRF’s experience to date with rural community-based sub-projects under implementation has shown that despite the presentation of an introduction to CDB’s procurement procedures during the launch of the sub-project and the provision of constant support by the Bank’s staff, this is an on-going challenge for the beneficiaries.  Basically, they have experienced challenges in operationalising CDB’s procurement policy and procedures.  In view of this, it has been determined that the beneficiary agencies or organisations need a simple reference document which provides guidance on the principles and procedures for undertaking procurement and managing contracts, including, where relevant, the use of model documents at each stage of the process.   Model procurement documents should facilitate the effective and speedy implementation of the small localised project components financed under CDRRF, they should also be consistent with CDB’s policy and procedures as outlined in the following documents:

(a) Guidelines for Procurement, January 2006; and

(b) Guidelines for the Selection and Engagement of Consultants by Recipients of CDB Financing, October 2011.

1.03      In an effort to address similar procurement challenges faced by its Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), a programme which operates at the community level in ten member countries, CDB prepared guidelines for procurement for sub-projects financed by resources from BNTF.  However, BNTF’s management structure is different from that of CDRRF’s in that BNTF is managed at the regional level by CDB which oversees the programme and grants sub-project approvals and no-objections.  While at the national level, there is an Oversight Entity which has overall accountability and responsibility for the coordination of the Country Projects and an Implementing Agency with staff who are responsible for the day-to-day management of project activities and coordination of all the functions related to the Country Programme.  CDRRF contracts tend to be considerably lower in value than those awarded under BNTF and subject to more simplistic procurement and selection methods.  In addition, CDB staff liaise directly with the beneficiaries.  Based on the lessons learnt, there needs to be an even simpler version of the BNTF procurement guidelines


2.01      The overall objective of the consultancy is to prepare a procurement Manual for community-based organisations responsible for the implementation of CDB’s community driven development projects with a similar profile to CDRRF.

2.02      The specific objectives of the consultancy are:

(a) To ensure that the manual is a simple reference document that is in accordance with CDB’s Procurement Guidelines and can be used to engage a wide target audience encompassing both technical and non-technical persons who constitute the main stakeholders in community-based projects;

(b) To outline step-by step procedures by means of: checklists, process maps, sample forms, and tender documents or similar diagrammatic representations that address the key components or actions in CDB’s procurement guidelines.

2.03      The duration of the assignment is expected to be for a period of four months.


3.01      CDB now invites interested eligible individual consultants to submit Expressions of Interest for the provision of consultancy services for the preparation of a procurement manual for community-based organisations.

3.02      Consultants shall be eligible to participate if:

(a)  the persons are citizens or bona fide residents of an eligible country; and

(b) in all cases, the Consultant has no arrangement and undertakes not to make any arrangements, whereby any substantial part of the net profits or other tangible benefits of the contract will accrue or be paid to a person not a citizen or bona fide resident of an eligible country.

 3.03     Eligible countries are member countries of CDB.


4.01      In the assessment of submissions, consideration will be given to

(a) Technical competence, qualifications including ability to field team with post-graduate degrees in Procurement Management, Law, Engineering, Project Management, Business Administration, and Social Science or other related fields;

(b) Experience in drafting manuals, bidding documents, and report writing;

(c) Relevant experience including at least seven years’ experience in procurement with projects financed by international or regional donors and familiarity with international procurement guidelines;

(d) Excellent interpersonal, communication, computer and analytical skills and the ability to relate well to persons at all levels; and

(e) Local and regional experience in community-driven projects.

4.02      All information must be submitted in English.  Further information may be obtained from the fitrst address below between 9:00 and 16:00 hours Monday to Friday local Barbados time.

4.03      Electronic copies of the Expressions of Interest must be received at address 1 and address 2 below, specifically and no later than 16:00 hours Barbados time on Friday, March 31, 2017.   The submissions can be made electronically to the email address.  Each submission should include the name and address of the applicant and shall be clearly marked in the subject line “Expression of Interest – Consultancy Services for the Preparation of a Procurement Manual for Community-Based Organisations.

4.04      Following the assessment of submissions, the most technically capable and appropriately experienced Consultant will be invited to negotiate a contract to provide the consultancy services.  CDB reserves the right to accept or reject late applications or to cancel the present invitation partially or in its entirety.  It will not be bound to assign any reason for not engaging the services of any applicant and will not defray any costs incurred by any applicant in the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.

4.05      Submit Expressions of Interest to the following addresses:



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Procurement Officer
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