Central Pillars of BNTF

In parallel with the strategic sectors, the Programme will invest in community-led development in a manner that nurtures community change processes and a more holistic approach to building multi-faceted aspects of community as an integrated whole.  This approach also takes into consideration responsiveness to local demand, needs and priorities.

BNTF will adapt its approach to link both ‘sectoral’ and ‘direct community support’ prioritisation, and build capital in a more holistic manner.


The Programme is placing greater focus on:

Community empowerment and participation: enabling the most vulnerable to be directly involved and take ownership of the project and future community development.

Results and communication: generating more rigorous evidence on where and how the BNTF has had most impact on people’s lives in low-income communities.

Community Assets: helping communities build more assets and to be more resilient. 

Transformative effects: helping communities to emerge out of poverty and to be less vulnerable over time, stemming intergenerational poverty.

Co-operation:  attracting a range of needed services and addressing wider challenges being faced among community residents (e.g. disability, inequality, and youth at risk)

The Pillars are underpinned by BNTF’s cross-cutting themes of gender and environmental sustainability and specific commitments to maintenance and sustainability