Gender Equality, BNTF


The BNTF Programme, through its Regional Gender Strategy seeks to more fully integrate gender equality into the project management process. Using an integrated model in the BNTF Programme requires that the Programme focuses on equality as an objective. This provides a framework within which to seek a nexus between strategies for reducing poverty and gender equality. As such, consideration is given to identifying and removing limitations to women and men in gaining access to BNTF resources and opportunities and to their efforts to shape their future.

BNTF incorporates a gender analysis across the project cycle, in institutional assessments, in the management of outcomes and in advocacy strategies among beneficiary communities and stakeholders. The analysis allows particular conditions of specific groups of men, women, girls and boys to be highlighted and targeted for better development outcomes in programme or project planning.

Sub-projects are required to respond to gender disparities. Gender specific and gender integrated activities will be monitored for their development impact at the country project and programme levels.