Interested Contractors

Contractors will have the opportunity to submit Bids for approved BNTF sub-projects. This will be done in one of two ways:

  • By Invitation for sub-projects valued less than US$35,000.
  • By Public Advertisement for sub-projects valued US$35,000 and up to US$500,000.

How do Contractors Become Pre-qualified for Invitation?

The Participating Countries will establish/adopt a database of pre-qualified contractors through advertisement. BNTF will ensure that pre-qualified contractors satisfy the conditions for pre-qualification as set out in CDB’s Standard Procedures for Procurement of Works issued July 2002. The database shall be updated at least annually. The pre-qualified list will be verified prior to inviting Bids.

The database will contain information on the technical and financial capacity of contractors and on the type and size of contract and the geographical location in which the contractor is willing to work.

For procurement of works costing less than US$35,000, eligible contractors from the database will be invited to tender.

How are Potential Contractors Notified of Opportunities to Bid on Larger Contracts?

For procurement of works costing $35,000 and above, public advertisement will be placed. Contractors will be required to submit qualifying documentation at the time of bidding. Contractors will be given four weeks from the time of first advertisement for the submission of bids.

BNTF Procedures Encourages the Use of Local Skilled and Unskilled Labour and Local Contractors

When short-listing contractors (bids by invitation), preference will be given to those contractors from within the community or from neighbouring communities. A pre-bid meeting will be convened and potential contractors shall be encouraged to hire as much skilled and unskilled labour from within the beneficiary communities. Care shall be exercised however, to avoid compromising the integrity of the sub-project, the quality of work done, or the financial viability of the sub-project.

The involvement of local contractors, community members as artisans, skilled craftsmen or providers of labour is an essential component of the project’s strategy of assisting community residents to escape from poverty, either by learning new skills, or earning additional income by providing services to the sub-project. The selection of community residents for participation in sub-project activities will at all times be done in a transparent and gender equitable manner.