U Innovate Forum

Vybzing Youth Participants 1The U Innovate Forum under the theme “Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean Mobile Market” was held on Thursday, 26 May, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency. Over 50 youth participated in the forum which was facilitated by two young entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom, Julian Hall, Chairman, Hall Business Group Ltd., and Mark Lewis, CEO, Bravig who informed and engaged the youth in various interactive sessions.


The forum was aimed at giving the youth an opportunity to explore several areas related to enhancing opportunities for business development through entrepreneurship.  Topics included: commercial creativity and mobile opportunity; mobile problem solving; growing your market; and a framework for enterprise.  Youth participated in interactive sessions inwhich they used their creativity to stimulate discussions on these topics.  Several novel product ideas were developed in these group exercises.Vybzing Youth Participants 2


The U Innovate Challenge and U Innovate Forum were two activities for VYBZING Trinidad and Tobago.  VYBZING is the name of CDB’s Youth Outreach Programme.


Both events were promoted to the youth via social media.  The Caribbean Development Bank and Youth “VYBZING” Facebook page was a key vehicle to share information about the challenge and forum including videos, competition details and registration forms and promotional ads.  Visit www.cdbvybzing.org/facebook.


Vybzing Youth Participants 3CDB collaborated with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and Ministry of Labour, Small and Micro Enterprise Development in staging VYBZING Trinidad and Tobago.