Green House Crop Production


Training in Green House Crop ProductionApplicant Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment USD 21,650.00.  Approved on September 8, 2010, under the BNTF 5th Programme.


This project will provide practical and theoretical training in greenhouse production of vegetables for two (2) male and three (3) female farmers.  The farmers will be sent on a three week attachment to Jamaica where they will be trained by the Christiana Potato Growers Co-operative Association Ltd.  They will be exposed to growing a range of greenhouse crops to pest control methodologies and to the practical applications of fertigation. Greenhouse production is something new to Montserrat and sustainability can only be achieved if trained people are involved in the production process from the onset.  Successful greenhouse production will have a positive psychological effect on farmers; giving them the assurance that wholesome food can be produced locally despite the harsh conditions inflicted on agriculture by the heavy ash and acid rain caused by the ongoing volcanic eruption.