Frequently Asked Questions

Q: CDB financed procurement opportunities are found in which Caribbean countries?
Q: What governs the procurement procedures on CDB financed projects?
Q: Who is eligible to bid on CDB financed projects?
Q: Can a firm bid on consultancy opportunities identified as requiring an individual consultant and visa versa?
Q: Where do I identify procurement opportunities?
Q: Who do I contact for information on a specific procurement opportunity, or to follow up on the status of evaluation of my bid or proposal?
Q: I wish to make a complaint about a procurement exercise, who do I contact?
Q: I have learnt I have been unsuccessful in a procurement process. Am I entitled to feedback from the executing agency?
Q: Do companies or individuals have to register with CDB in order to be eligible to participate in procurement on CDB financed projects?
Q: Does CDB offer any training on its procurement guidelines?