Conference & Workshop Papers

Below is a selection of papers presented during workshops and conferences for which the Caribbean Development Bank was an organiser, facilitator, or participant:



Stakeholder Consultation on the CARICOM Single Market and Economy – 8 June, 2018, Guyana

Seminar: Financing the Blue Economy: A Caribbean Development Opportunity – 31 May, 2018, Grenada

Seminar: Air Transport Competitiveness and Connectivity in the Caribbean – 30 May, 2018, Grenada

Digitalisation of Caribbean Music Workshop – 21-22 February, 2018, Barbados
Financial Protection Strategies and the Role of CCRIF SPC – 8 February, 2018, Barbados


The Caribbean Regional Workshop for Enhancing Knowledge on the Adaptation Fund Project Development Process and Project Cycle – 24-25 October, 2017, Barbados
State of the Tourism Industry Conference – 10-13 October, 2017, Grenada
Caribbean Leadership and Transformation Forum: Delivering Results – 18-19 September, 2017, Barbados
16th Annual Caribbean Commercial Law Workshop: Hemispheric Change & Caribbean Commercial Law – 23-25 July,  2017, United States of America
Chinese Renminbi in the Caribbean: Opportunities for Trade, Aid and Investment – 10-11 July , 2017, Barbados
Webinar: Caribbean Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Toolkit – 28 June, 2017
Seminar: Tourism Industry Reform: Strategies for Enhanced Impact – 25 May, 2017, Turks and Caicos Islands
Seminar: Towards A New Climate Strategy – 24 May, 2017, Turks and Caicos Islands
Seminar: Enhancing Productivity and Growth in the Caribbean – 24 May, 2017, Turks and Caicos Islands
Sea Water Air Conditioning in the Caribbean Workshop – 6 March, 2017, Barbados
Regional Workshop on Capacity Building EPA and CSME Standby Facilities – 6 February, 2017, Jamaica
  • Opening Remarks– Yvonne Hall, Executive Director, Bureau of Standards Jamaica
Fifth Caribbean Sustainable Energy Renewable Forum- 23-25 January, 2017, The Bahamas


Seminar on Towards Greater Efficiency: The Transformation of the Caribbean Maritime Port Services Industry – 19 May, 2016, Jamaica
Governors Roundtable at the CDB’s 46th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors – 19 May, 2016, Jamaica
 Seminar on The Changing Nature of Poverty and Inequality in the Caribbean: New Issues, New Solutions- 18 May, 2016, Jamaica
Seminar on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development in the Caribbean: Towards a New Frontier – 18 May, 2016, Jamaica
De-risking Lunchtime Presentation- 17 May, 2016, Jamaica


Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in the Caribbean Trade Policies and Programmes: Promoting Gender Equality for Improved Trade and Development – 16- 19 June, 2014, Barbados
Seminar on New Paradigm for Caribbean Development-  Transitioning to a Green Economy – 29 May, 2014, Guyana
Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships in the Caribbean: Building on Early Lessons – 28 May, 2014, Guyana


International Workshop on Climate Change Financing and the Green Climate Fund – 11-12, July, 2013, Barbados
Seminar on Public Sector Debt in the Caribbean: An Agenda for Reduction and Sustainability – 23 May, 2013, St. Lucia
Seminar on Financing Tertiary Education in the Caribbean – 22  May, 2013, St. Lucia
Seminar on Financing Low-Carbon Climate Resilient Development in the Caribbean – Addressing the Challenges and Creating New Opportunities – 22 May, 2013, St. Lucia
2013 VYBZING St. Lucia Youth Forum on Road Safety – 15-17 May, 2013, St. Lucia
2013 Global Assembly of the International Development Evaluation Association – 8 May, 2013, Barbados

Prior to 2013