William G. Demas Memorial Lecture Series

The William G. Demas Memorial Lecture Series is in honour of the Late Honourable William Gilbert Demas, outstanding economic scholar and public servant to the Caribbean.  Mr. Demas served as the second president of the Caribbean Development Bank as well as filled the highest offices in major Regional institutions aimed at promoting integration through economic and social development. 

Over the years, Mr. Demas demonstrated concern with preserving and enhancing Caribbean sovereignty, where his thoughts and interests in the field of economics focused on the area of development issues and problems posed by “being small”, the role of the state, development planning and most important, economic integration. 

The William G. Demas Memorial Lecture is an integral part of the Caribbean Development Bank’s Annual Board of Governors’ Meeting.  The lecture showcases the best intellectual discourse available regionally and internationally. Over the years, the spirit of William Demas’ scholarship has been upheld by distinguished lecturers who have all been committed to economic development through their respective fields of endeavour.  

William G. Demas: Distinguished economic scholar and Caribbean leader

Lecture Series Addresses