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SDF Annual Report 2016

This 2016 Annual Report is the final report of the eighth cycle of the SDF. The Report, therefore, examines the performance of the Fund in 2016 relative to 2015, in order to provide a sense of annualised dynamics, and also gives an account of the entire cycle juxtaposed against planned activity at the beginning of the period.


Enhancing Productivity and Growth in the Caribbean

The main objectives of this Caribbean Development Bank commissioned study are to identify a set of initiatives which can strengthen the region’s growth performance over the medium to long term and to assist the CDB and its Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) in formulating productivity and growth initiatives as part of national and regional macroeconomic and development plans.


2016 Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Board of Directors to the Board of Governors reviews CDB’s operations, programmes and initiatives, human resources management, external relations and partnerships, and financial management.


Caribbean Public Private Partnership (PPP) Toolkit

The Caribbean Public Private Partnership (PPP) Toolkit includes a set of pragmatic tools to complement existing in-country capabilities. The ultimate goal of the Toolkit is to provide PPP practitioners with the basic knowledge for the effective selection and execution of PPP projects.


Development Effectiveness Review 2016

The Development Effectiveness Review tracks development progress in the Caribbean Development Bank’s Borrowing Member Countries, assesses the Bank’s development effectiveness, and identifies areas where performance needs to be strengthened. The 2016 Review is the sixth annual report on CDB’s corporate performance.


ICA Annual Report 2016

This inaugural ICA Annual Report marks a major milestone in the evolution of the internal governance architecture at the Caribbean Development Bank.


2016 Economic Review and 2017 Outlook

The 2016 Economic Review and 2017 Forecast provides a review of the Caribbean’s performance over the previous year and outlines the Bank’s projections for the performance of its Borrowing Member Countries in the current year.


Making the Switch: Energy-Efficient Street Lighting

Many countries in the Caribbean have embarked on street light retrofitting projects using LEDs. This brochure provides a snapshot of how CDB can help support energy-efficient street lighting initiatives in the Caribbean.


Updated Sourcebook- Integration of Natural Hazards into the EIA Process

This document is an update of the Sourcebook on the Integration of Natural Hazards into the Environmental Impact Assessment Process, hereinafter referred to as the Sourcebook (2004). The Sourcebook (2004) was developed as a collaborative effort between the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through its Disaster Mitigation Facility for the Caribbean (DMFC) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Adapting to Climate Change in the Caribbean (ACCC) Project and published in 2004 by the Caribbean Development Bank. The expected outcome of the update is improved capacity within Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) to assess and manage risks associated with natural hazards and climate variability and change in their project appraisal and supervision processes. Click here to access publication. Download in PDF. © Caribbean Development Bank, 2015