Corazon Creek Technical High School Enhancement – Belize

Country Belize


July 19, 2013

The Corazon Creek Technical High School (CTS) was established in 2009.   The school offers several subjects to 1st and 4th form students in the Corazon and 10 surrounding villages.  Currently, some students have to travel long distances, as many as 35 miles with an average travel time of four hours each way.  This requires leaving home around 3.00 a.m. and returning by 7.00 p.m. by transportation provided by the Ministry of Education.   The school is currently at maximum capacity with 196 students and with the projected increase of 36 students in Quarter 3, 2013 additional classroom space is urgently required.


Grant funds will:

  • construct three (3) new classrooms to accommodate 30 students, with male and female toilet facilities for students and teachers.
  • provide a solar electrical power system for the new classrooms and sections of the existing school

In addition, furniture will be provided by the community members.

  • The enhanced student-friendly classroom environment for teaching and learning will provide access to continuing, age-appropriate knowledge and skills curricula in accordance with CARICOM standards and contribute to enhanced well-being of the school’s population. 
  • The provision of additional classrooms is expected to contribute towards the national goal of 70% secondary enrolment by 2015.The availability of classroom places in CTS will lead to reduced transportation costs. 
  • The solar energy will eliminate the cost of using a generator as primary power for the building.