Delices Community Pre-School Enhancement – Dominica

Country Dominica


May 15, 2013

The Delices Pre-School operates out of a room in a dilapidated building which also houses the Delices Village Council (DVC).  While DVC, through its annual subvention, executes minor repairs to the building, the Ministry of Education also has to contribute to the upkeep of the section of the building for the pre-school.  The room for the pre-school is cramped and there is no room for recreational activities or a kitchen to serve hot meals for the children.  The teacher reports to the Principal of the primary school which is a little distance away.  Communication between the school and pre-school is difficult and the delivery of the pre-school curriculum is constrained.


Grant funds will:

  • Upgrade and extend an existing classroom of 76.5 square meters (sq.m.) by an additional 10.3m x7.65m to accommodate up to 15 children in the pre-school
  • install additional windows
  • demolish/reconstruct internal walls and ceiling
  • tile floors
  • paint walls and ceilings
  • construct kitchenette, office space, sick bay and washroom facilities
  • provide water storage, refrigerator, stove, solar water heater and play equipment.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has undertaken to provide additional furniture for the pre-school.

  • The pre-school will facilitate early stimulation towards positive social skills and accommodate two additional children. 
  • Good nutritional level of the children will be maintained or improved due the school’s capacity to serve hot meals supplied by the Ministry of Education.  
  • Improved supervision and administration of the pre-school by the school’s Principal will be facilitated by its closer proximity.
  • Relocation from the present facilities will enhance safety and security.