Enhancement of Access to Training and Education Services by Vulnerable Groups, Wesley – Dominica

Country Dominica


September 2, 2013

The continued decline in agricultural activities has severely affected the income and employment of many rural residents.  Wesley is one of the communities affected and the residents, who have traditionally been farmers, have had to seek employment within other sectors for which they are not adequately skilled.  This has given way to increased antisocial behaviour, especially among the youth. An urgent need has been expressed by the community for targeting the youth with an emphasis on skills training. For over twenty years, the community of Wesley has been without a suitable facility in which to conduct public meetings/community training and a market outlet for community produced goods.  In 1997, the government sought to address this by handing over a building to the WVC for such use. The building was inappropriately located and designed and could not accommodate any significant number of persons at once. Poor attendance at organised functions was, therefore, the norm.  The absence of infrastructure is affecting the delivery of suitable training and social and community services.


Grant funds will:

  • Construct a fully accessible reinforced concrete multipurpose centre, 12 metre(m) x 15m, incorporating: auditorium with stage, library, training rooms, office, kitchen, washroom facilities, solar water heater and storage areas. Basic furnishing and kitchen equipment will be provided.
  • External works will include fencing of the property, a paved driveway from road to building, water storage and drains.
  • The new centrally located facility will allow safe and easy access to capacity building initiatives, training in various subject matters and improved social interaction between men, women and youth of various backgrounds, life experiences and intellectual capacities.
  • Results will include the emergence of leaders, team builders, community groups and organisations which would be monitored by the increase in membership, convening of meetings and collection of subscriptions.