Enhancement of Access to Training and Education Services by Vulnerable Groups, Penville – Dominica

Country Dominica


September 2, 2013

Penville has a number of community-based organisations (CBOs) , including the Tourism Development Committee, the Women’s Club, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Red Cross, Disaster Preparedness Committee, Scouts, Farmers’ Group, Youth Team, Young Motivators and many church organisations.  These organisations all cater to the various groups within the community which include indigenous Caribs who form a large proportion of the poorest in Dominica. Outreach programmes are directed at stemming increasing deviant behaviour among the youth and include support to CXC students, adult literacy, and parenting skills. However, there is no facility to conduct meetings, training sessions and fund-raising activities. The CBOs compete for access to the limited space and inadequate furniture provided by the local primary schools. The absence of infrastructure is affecting the delivery of suitable training and social and community services. The schools’ furniture inevitably becomes damaged or destroyed and building social capital is constrained. A properly managed and well-resourced centre offering certified skills training and other programmes is therefore important to promote social cohesion and community connectedness.  It plays a vital role in supporting residents who face challenges of accessibility and affordability in terms of key services and infrastructure for enjoying an acceptable standard of living. It creates opportunities (such as skills for the world of work) for sustainable change.


Grant funds will:

  • Construct a fully accessible reinforced concrete multi-purpose/training resource centre, 11 metre(m) x 13m, incorporating: office, training area, kitchen, washroom facilities, auditorium with stage, storage facilities, solar water heater, and provision of selected furnishing and equipment.
  • External works will include a paved driveway from the road to the building, water storage facility and drains.
  • The various CBOs, Adult Education Division and PVC will be better able to meet the demands of the community and at-risk youth, in particular, for outreach services. 
  • These services will facilitate improved social interaction of men, women, indigenous Caribs, persons with disabilities and youth of various backgrounds, experiences and capacities. 
  • Results will include enhanced literacy, leadership, team building and strengthened organisational capacity among community groups which would be monitored by the increase in membership, convening of meetings and collection of subscriptions. 
  • Participatory approaches to fund-raising will engender improved support for the Council and its programmes and contribute to building a more inclusive society.