Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Training – Montserrat

Country Montserrat


September 5, 2013

The training will target beneficiaries and stakeholders of BNTF-funded projects (new, ongoing and completed) in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation methodologies. This Skills Training sub-project would enhance capacities of participants with limited or no skills in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to be able to monitor, evaluate and report on project outcomes to CDB and other funding agencies in a clear and concise manner.

Main topics would include, but not limited to: Theory and Principles of Participatory M&E; Results Monitoring Framework; Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC); Roles and Responsibility of the Project Steering Committee (PSC); Tripartite Agreements; How to Evaluate a Project; and Report Writing.

Experience in Montserrat has shown that the representatives in the Project Monitoring Committee have been selected largely from the technical services with relatively low levels of representation from the community level. Therefore, there is need for a shift in this practice, if broad based community participation is to be realised.


Grant funds will:

  • Engage a consultant to deliver the main topics
  • Provide travel and accommodation
  • Stationery
  • Refreshments
  • Provide a Monitoring and Evaluation Training Manual
  • Rental of the venue
  • At the end of the training it is expected that the persons trained will be able to carry out participatory M&E on the various BNTF projects and to transfer this skill among other community representatives in undertaking community projects. Accordingly, this training would benefit the wider communities where the projects are located.
  • The training will also contribute to good governance at the local level; enhance community leadership skills, and participation in local and national level planning. This is in keeping with BNTF principles of self-managed development and community empowerment. 10 Males and 15 Females will benefit from the training.