Annandale Secondary School Rehabilitation Extension – Guyana

Country Guyana


June 23, 2015






The auditorium, which is partitioned by chalkboards, is being used for classes.  Some classroom sizes are larger than the 35 stipulated by the Ministry of Education.  The condition of one of the three buildings has deteriorated considerably, rendering it unsuitable to be used as a learning institution.  The roof leaks, the wooden windows are either damaged or missing and one of the stairs leading to the first floor is in a state of collapse, which makes it unsafe for usage.  The washroom facilities are insufficient for the number of students at the school.  The school uses water from the reticulation system in the community and supplemented by rain water harvesting, which is pumped to elevated storage tanks on a daily basis for distribution throughout the school, in order to meet the demand.


To provide additional facilities, creating improved learning environment for the students of Annandale community.  The rehabilitated washroom facilities will contribute to improved hygiene practices and aid in the reduction of the risk of water borne diseases.


  • improvement in the quality and ultimately, standard of education and its outcomes;
  • the improvements accompanied by a strong academic programme will lead to improved educational effectiveness in the school and spillovers into the community;
  • the replacement of the decaying facilities with one that is built to key building standards and codes will ensure that students are able to move around and access their classrooms safely without fear of accidents or injury; and
  • two bathrooms will be built specifically for the disabled which make the sanitary facilities accessible to the segment of the population. Girls in particular will also benefit significantly from access to the safe and clean sanitary facilities.

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