Barzeys Community – Montserrat

Country Montserrat


January 10, 2015

The existing community road is a gravel road which is difficult to traverse due to soil erosion, blocked earth drains and scouring of the road surface.  This condition is exacerbated during periods of heavy rainfall.   Over the years residents have taken their own measures to protect their property such as digging trenches and; planting trees and hedges to retard soil erosion and land slippage.  The poor condition of the road constrains access by pedestrians, public transportation, essential emergency health and fire services and regular household garbage collection.


Grant funds will:

  • Construct 0.833 kilometres (km) of all-weather roads approximately 4.9 m wide comprising of a combination of 501 m of 50 mm thick asphalt cement and 332 m of 150 mm thick reinforced concrete road, with 714 m of concrete curb and slipper drains, 120 m of concrete U- drains and 24.5 m of High-density Polyethylene Pipe cross drains.
  • The sub-project will provide an all-weather road within the Barzey’s community to reduce travel time and provide easy and acceptable access to services for residents.   Safe, quality, all-weather road access for the Barzey’s community.  The upgraded community road will facilitate the easy movement of pedestrians, private and public transportation, garbage collection and emergency services.
  • No disruption is expected to overhead or buried utilities.  The new road will connect at right angles to the Barzey’s Main Road.