Bellevue Chopin Water Supply Improvement – Dominica

Country Dominica


August 6, 2015






The existing system was commissioned in 1992 to accommodate a population of 443. The population has grown to 517 and there is a need to extend the distribution line to other sections of the community. The water system network is nearing the economical/beneficial life period due to housing expansion and as such, the community is in need of an upgraded water system in order to meet residential demand. Over the years, significant sections especially of the three inch pumping main have had to be changed, due to severe corrosion and leakage. This leakage has caused the existing roadway to be severely compromised


  • Improved access to quality water supply and sanitation services.
  • Economic growth of the community (measured by the increase in agricultural output).


  • The improved water supply will ensure easy access to clean and safe drinking to all residents within their homes. This access will guarantee that every home will have piped borne water and not rely on the street stand pipes or rivers for collecting of water to their homes.
  • In the long-run, residents will be able to save time and redirect their energies into other matters of family and community development.
  • There will be opportunities for short term employment during the construction of the project. In addition, villagers who own private trucks will be contracted to transport materials for the project while the local catering vendors will see an increase in sales during the implementation of the project.  
  • There will also be expected improvements in agricultural produce for export and import purposes as it is expected that food vendors will benefit immensely.