Browns Hall Primary School Rehabilitation Fencing and Sanitation- Jamaica

Country Jamaica


March 23, 2015

The Browns Hall Primary School was constructed in 1936 and has not been upgraded since its construction, rendering the facility unsuitable to deliver quality education. The school currently has a population of 310 (160 males, 150 females) students and 13 teachers (4 males, 9 females). The age and the present configuration of the facilities present difficulties for the users and as a result the space needs to be reorganised. The classrooms are housed in three large buildings, two of which house both grades 4, 5 and 6 classrooms and the administrative offices. The classrooms are partitioned by chalk boards.


Grants funds will:

  • Rehabilitate the three existing classroom blocks to facilitate 12 classrooms;
  • Rehabilitate the administrative area to house the principal’s office, staff room, guidance counselling room, sick bay and washroom facilities;
  • Construct a new block containing a kitchen, washroom, and tuck shop;
  • Install a new perimeter fencing;
  • construct a new multi-purpose court; and
  • Construct a driveway and parking area.
  • The sub-project will improve the quality of the existing infrastructure and provide additional facilities, thereby creating additional space and improved security. Additional washroom facilities will improve hygiene practices.
  • Poor and disadvantaged school children including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are expected to benefit from the sub-project. Through the construction and use of ramps to access classrooms and related facilities within the school environment, social inclusion of PWDs will be enhanced.
  • The sub-project estimates that 150 female and 160 male students will access quality education.