Christiana Moravian Primary School Expansion and Rehabilitation- Jamaica

Country Ministry of Education


March 23, 2015



The infrastructure facilities at the school are inadequate to accommodate the students, resulting in overcrowding and greatly impacting on the quality of learning. The school currently has a population of 1,112 (male-531; female-581) students and suffers from overcrowding caused from a chronic shortage of classroom space. The staff population at the school is 38 (10 females, 28 males). There is an average of 40 students per class and as many as 46 in some classes, which exceeds MOE’s teacher student ratio of 1:35. Additionally, the classrooms are very small and are separated by chalkboards which negatively affect the teaching/learning process as students are affected by activities in other classrooms. In some instances classes are being organised in narrow spaces with poor ventilation and lighting.

The facility also inhibits access to persons with disabilities as there are no ramps to facilitate their movement. Washroom facilities are inadequate to effectively serve the 1112 (531 males, 581 females) registered students.


Grant Funds will:

  • Expansion

– Provision of a new 10-classroom block

  • Rehabilitation & Provision of Equipment

– installation of four ramps;

– one sick bay and one Guidance Counseling Room;

– installation of 10 partitions in existing classrooms;

– provision of play equipment for Infant Department and Green Spaces and larger Play equipment for older students;

– provision of two fire extinguishers,

– provision of two first aid kits;

– provision of 400 student desks and chairs; and

– provision of 10 teachers tables and chairs.


  • The sub-project will provide an enhanced learning environment leading to improved quality of learning for poor and vulnerable school children through access to basic social and economic infrastructure. Poor and disadvantaged school children including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are expected to benefit from the sub-project, through the construction and use of ramps to access classrooms and related facilities within the school environment.
  • The Project estimates that 581 male and 531 female students will access quality education.