Coomaka Primary School Extension – Guyana

Country Guyana


June 23, 2015






The school has an enrollment of 155 students (74 male, 81 female), and staff complement of 12 (1 male, 11 females).  The reading room is currently being used as a storeroom for the school feeding supplies.  The ground floor accommodates Grades I–IV students, which causes great inconvenience in other classes whenever the Interactive Radio Instructions programmes are being implemented, because the classrooms are partitioned by chalkboards.  Additionally, the institution has no Head Teacher’s office, staff room, food preparation area (kitchenette), administrative area, waiting area and sick bay. 


The sub-project will be implemented as an expansion and will provide additional facilities creating an improved learning environment for the students of Coomaka community. 


  • enhancement in the levels of comfort of students and staff of the school;
  • kitchenette will provide adequate space for meal preparation for its users;
  • Improvement in the learning environment will have spinoff effects on student progress and quality of performance; and
  • persons with disabilities are less likely to be excluded from accessing quality education as ramps will make classrooms more accessible.


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