Enhancement of Access, Upper Dick Hill Road, St. John’s – Montserrat

Country Montserrat


November 18, 2013

Farmers in the community face numerous challenges including: inbound transportation of inputs to enhance cultivation practices is curtailed; outbound deliveries of harvested produce are at risk of post-harvest damage and losses; mechanical land preparation is adversely affected; maintenance of farm vehicles is high; problems of transporting water to their farms; and over-dependence on rain-fed irrigation affecting crop yield. The area’s potential contribution to national food security is stymied. Farmers are supported through the Department of Agriculture.  However, the condition of the road provided limited access to these essential services.

The poor condition of the road also affected the potential for the community to develop through strengthened networking and relationship with other communities. 


Grant funds will: 

  • Provide for the construction of 300 metres (m) of reinforced concrete road, with kerb and slipper drains and U-drains.  Drainage structures will include one reinforced concrete manhole and Diameter pipe connection to the existing outfall culvert.
  • The new access with drains will provide all-weather travel for farmers and residents and reduce erosion. The road will allow agricultural production from Upper Dick Hill to support Montserrat’s food security.  
  • New road infrastructure will lead to enhanced quality of life as a result of increased access to basic public social services, and improved aesthetics along the roadway.
  • There will be a reduced risk of exposure to dust-related diseases in the dry season and to injuries due to falls and motor vehicle accidents during rains.
  • Residents will be able to engage in more out-door community relationship building and engage in increased health and well-being activities.  
  • More women are likely to begin farming as a result of improved agriculture infrastructure and the potential for growth in business activities in the agriculture sector.