Gerald’s – Drummonds Community Club – Montserrat

Country Montserrat


January 10, 2015

The existing community road is difficult to traverse and impassable in some areas.  This is due to moderate to severe erosion of the loose gravel surface especially on steep sections of the road.  This condition is exacerbated during periods of rainfall as there are no drainage structures and the undulating terrain causes flood damage and ponding of water.  Stagnant water encourages the breading of mosquitoes and is a potential health threat.  When there is heavy rainfall the roads are impassable.  The poor condition of the road restricts access by pedestrians, public transportation, essential emergency health and fire services and regular household garbage collection.


Grant funds will:

  • Construct 0.597 km of reinforced concrete roads, 4.48 to 5.0 m wide by 150 mm thick, with 582.5 m of concrete curb and slipper drains, 266 m of concrete U-drains, 9.2 m of V-drains/French Drains, 114 m of High-density Polyethylene Pipe cross drains and 10 m of concrete box culverts.
  • The sub-project was developed to provide an all-weather road within the Drummonds community so that residents would have easy and acceptable access to services.  No disruption is expected to overhead or buried utilities.  The rehabilitated road will connect to the Gerald’s main road.  The upgraded community road will facilitate the easy movement of private and public transportation, garbage collection and emergency services.