Guyana Society for the Blind Headquarters Rehabilitation – Guyana

Country Guyana


December 10, 2013

The facility provides skills training for employment of the visibly impaired; rehabilitation for those who become blind later in life and shelter and security for members of the society particularly against vandalism which is rampant within the surrounding communities.  The dilapidated state of the facility is an environmental threat and not conducive to the delivery of training and specialised services for the visibly impaired.


Grant funds will:

  • Rehabilitate the woodwork workshop section of the building, including the open area and the store room
  • Rehabilitate the office block, boardroom, library and washrooms;
  • Rehabilitate the security fencing and entrance gate; land filling
  • Rehabilitate the pavement/driveway and the paving of sections of the compound;
  • Rehabilitate the guide rails to the headquarters from the nearby major roadways;
  • Construct a water trestle
  • Install water storage tanks
  • Upgrade of electrical installation
  • Increased access to the care services and training opportunities by members and other persons living with disabilities will contribute to an enhanced quality of life.  The access to secure accommodations will reduce the threat of vandalism. 
  • Improved facilities for skills training would provide the opportunities for the differently-abled community to become more involved in economic activities and enhance their employability.
  • The access to training opportunities among differently able women, who are relatively less visible in the society than their male counterparts, will enhance their independence thereby reducing their vulnerability.