Mandeville Primary School Expansion and Rehabilitation- Jamaica

Country Jamaica


March 23, 2015

The existing infrastructure at the school is inadequate to accommodate the 2211 (1083 males, 1128 females) students and 75 (8 males, 67 females) teaching and administrative staff, resulting in overcrowding and impacting on the quality of learning. The school has been using a double shift system resulting in reduced contact time for the students. There is an average teacher to student ratio of 1:50, which exceeds the MOE’s student ratio of 1:35. Additionally, the school has no ramps to accommodate persons with disability and the washroom facilities has a ratio of 1:70, which is significantly more than the MOE’s recommended ratio of 1:40.

In spite of the fact that the school operates a shift system, there still remains a shortage of sanitation blocks. Currently there are two sanitation blocks for each sex, each having four stalls.

In an attempt to address the above mentioned challenges the proposed project for the school will be implemented in two phases, an expansion and rehabilitation.


Grant funds will:

  • Expansion

– provision of one 12-classroom block

  • Rehabilitation & Provision of Equipment

– provision of a new eight-seater bathroom;

– installation of eight ramps;

– demolish section of existing chain-link fence;

– erect new chain-link fence with double leaf gate with pedestal gate;

– provision of two fire extinguishers;

– provision of two first aid kits;

– provision of 480 student desks and chairs;

– provision of two teacher’s desks;

– provision of 12 teacher’s chairs.

  • The sub-project will improve the quality of the existing infrastructure and provide additional facilities thereby creating additional space to be able to remove the shift system from the school. Additional washroom facilities will improve hygiene practices and the ramps will prevent the marginalisation of persons with disability. The Project estimates that 1128 female and 1083 male (Ratio 1:1) students will access quality education.