Ocho Rios Primary School Expansion and Rehabilitation- Jamaica

Country Ministry of Education


March 23, 2015

The Ocho Rios Primary School was built to accommodate 800 students but currently has an enrollment of 1,914 (925 males, 989 females), which has resulted in the management of the institution employing a double shift system. Additionally, single-designed classrooms have been partitioned with removable chalkboards to accommodate two classes, which still does not address the overcrowding problem at the school. In addition to the overcrowding problem, the ceiling of the grade 1 classroom is infested with termites and requires treatment. The sanitation block is currently in a state of disrepair and is in urgent need for rehabilitation. The toilets are broken, and some parts of the bathroom need masonry works. The current sanitation facility has 10 stalls between male and female bathrooms; a ratio of 1:80 students per toilet per shift. This is severely inadequate and more sanitation facilities are required for the over 1,800 students at the school. The school has an old sanitation block (not in use) which is structurally sound, however, it requires repairs to the roof, doors and new fixtures to be functional.


Grants funds will:

  • Expansion

– Construct an eight-classroom block.

  • Rehabilitation & Provision of Equipment

– Upgrade the old sanitation block;

– Rehabilitate the existing sanitation block;

– Install three access ramps;

– Termite treatment;

– Provision of two fire extinguishers;

– Provision of two first aid kits;

– Provision of six teachers desks and chairs;

– Provision of 320 student desks and chairs.

  • All cohorts of students, including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are intended to benefit from the sub-project. Through the construction of an eight-classroom block, overcrowding will be addressed and relief will be brought to some grades in the current shift system. The upgrade of the old sanitation block and the rehabilitation of the existing sanitation block will provide a cleaner and safer environment for its users.
  • The sub-project is intended to provide enhanced facilities to the school population which is in excess of 1,900 inclusive of teachers and administrative staff and the Greater Ocho Rios community consisting in excess of 17,000 residents in approximately 4,000 households.