Old Harbour Primary School Expansion and Rehabilitation- Jamaica

Country Jamaica


March 23, 2015

The Old Harbour Primary School has an enrollment of 1,494 (600 males, 895 females) and due to the lack of space has a double shift system. The school also has a teacher student ratio of 1:40 which is above the MOE’s recommended ration of 1:35. The school has inadequate washroom facilities with 20 stalls (16 female, 4 males plus urinals) which gives a ratio of 1:75 which is above the MOE’s recommended ratio of 1:40. Further, the school currently has three special education classes with a total of 48 students enrolled. There is however a shortage of resources such as coloured charts, projectors for interactive learning and other learning tools. Additionally, the school has limited furniture available to cater to the needs of the school population. The school currently has wooden benches, of which, many are broken or eaten by termites.


Grant fund will:

  • Expansion

– Construct one 12-classroom block

  • Rehabilitation and Provision of Equipment

– Construction of an eight-seater sanitation block with urinal;

– Provision of two garbage receptacles;

– Provision of 480 student tables and chairs;

– Provision of 12 teacher tables and chairs;

– Provision of equipment for Special Needs Classroom (Multimedia Projector);

– Installation of ramps

  • The sub-project will improve the quality of the existing infrastructure and provide additional facilities thereby creating additional space to be able to remove the double shift system from the school. Additional washroom facilities will improve hygiene practices and the ramps will prevent the marginalisation of persons with disabilities. Overall the children and families from Longsville Park, Gutters and Vineyards with direct beneficiaries totaling 1,545 (610 male, 935 female) will benefit.