Ptolemy Reid Vocational Training Centre by Vulnerable Groups, Wesley – Guyana

Country Guyana


December 10, 2013

The new facility, built to the established standards, is expected to enhance access for the physically challenged and provide a more conducive environment for the delivery of training and sales facilities.   The new centre will facilitate the training of differently-abled youth in special skills, which will improve the quality of their lives.   The learning and teaching environment will be enhanced since enough space will be available to alleviate the cramped conditions and facilitate the free movement of wheel chairs.


Grant funds will:

  • construct a single-storey, reinforced concrete structure comprising two sections: vocational training section with two classrooms, a studio styled kitchenette, teacher’s lounge, storeroom, sanitation facilities with connection to the existing sewer network and, water storage facilities; and
  • thrift shop display and sale of clothing.
  • The skills training received by the youth would provide the opportunity to become involved in economic activities and enhance livelihoods. 
  • The thrift shop will provide a market outlet to showcase their handiwork and creativity.
  • Differently-able women are relatively less visible than the men in their communities and the access to training opportunities will enhance their independence and contribute to reducing their vulnerability.