St. Ignatius Secondary School and Dorms Rehabilitation and Extension and Construction of Teachers’ Quarters – Guyana

Country Guyana


June 23, 2015






St. Ignatius Secondary School dormitory was constructed in 1958 to accommodate 40 students, who came from various districts in Region 9, where there is no access to secondary education.  Over the years the demand for accommodation at the institution increased significantly, hence the dormitory was rehabilitated and extended in 1999 to accommodate a total of 64 students (24 additional students).  The facilities at the site consist of the male and female dorms, a kitchen, dining area and caretaker’s apartment.  The school is currently accommodating 198 students and a house mother and house father.  It is overcrowded and causing great discomfort to the students.  Additionally, the building is in a deplorable state and is in urgent need of rehabilitation.  The furniture at the facility is also insufficient to cater for the number of students. 


The sub-project will provide additional facilities thereby creating improved learning environment for the students of St. Ignatius Secondary School. 


  • better accommodation of students and teachers which will result in an improvement in the overall living condition on the school campus;
  • improved living conditions will reduce the likelihood of student dropout, facilitate academic progress of students and underpin high level of academic performance;
  • the addition of housing for teachers will make the school more attractive to specialist teachers who require accommodation thus ensuring the school is able to attract much needed expertise;
  • students from poor households will be direct beneficiaries of the sub-project as up to 80% of the population in the region served by the school are considered to be poor; and
  • both boys and girls will benefit from the school’s kitchen and its services.


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St. Ignatius Secondary School construction

Construction in progress at St. Ignatius Secondary School