Supply Primary School Extension and Rehabilitation – Guyana

Country Guyana


June 23, 2015






The facility has deteriorated over the years to such an extent that it resulted in the closure of classes in sections of the building, subsequently cramping the students in the remaining available space, even though it was already overcrowded.   The roof of the building has major leaks and most of the windows are either damaged or missing.  Additionally, the two access stairs leading to the first floor of the building are in a state of collapse and have become a major risk to users.  Termite infestation is also a major concern with the facility. The building has reached a critical stage where major rehabilitation has become necessary. 


The sub-project will provide additional facilities creating an improved learning environment for the students of Supply and other nearby communities.


  • more appropriate teacher student ratios necessary for optimum learning in classrooms;  
  • improvement in attendance due to the overall enhancements to the facility which will enable greater engagement of students and minimisation of distractions or discomforts in the classroom setting;
  • ultimately students are expected to perform better and to exhibit more appropriate behaviours; and
  • persons with disabilities are less likely to be excluded from accessing quality education as ramps will make classrooms more accessible.

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