Yarrowkabra Primary School Extension – Guyana

Country Guyana


June 23, 2015






There is currently no Primary School in Yarrowkabra Village.   As a result, it has been a major challenge for parents to provide the necessary resources to have their children access primary education outside of the community.  There are currently 139 (74 male, 65 female) primary age children living in the community, with the closest primary school located at Kuru Kururu, which is approximately 13 km away.  Some children are forced to walk to school while others stay away on many occasions due to their inability to pay the daily transportation cost.


To provide primary school facilities, creating a learning environment for the students of Yarrowkabra village.


  • improved access to primary education to children in the community;
  • reduction in travel time to and from school for children;
  • improvement in school attendance in the Yarrowkabra community, creating a platform for greater engagement of students in their education;
  • parents will benefit from cost savings associated with a significantly shortened commute of their children to and from school; and
  • the entire community will benefit from having an educational facility in the community, as a more secure foundation for progress in the community is laid, one which will have long term benefits.

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Yarrowkabra Primary School Extension