Barbados, situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, is an independent island nation in the western Atlantic Ocean. At roughly 13° North and 59° West, the country lies in the southern Caribbean region, where it is a part of the Lesser Antilles island-chain.


 Quick Facts


Capital City: Bridgetown
Area: 430 sq km/ 166 sq mi
Population: 290,604 (July 2015 est.)
Time Zone: UTC -04:00
GDP (PPP): $4.513 billion (2014 est.)

note: datum in 2014 US dollars
Currency: Barbadian Dollar (BBD)
# of Shares:(as of June 30, 2015) 9,074
Source: Central Intelligence Agency. (2015). The World Factbook: Barbados. Updated July 22, 2015

Key Documents


Country Assessment  of Living Conditions 2010

  • Volume 1– Assessment of Living Conditions
  • Volume 2– A Macroeconomic and Social Assessment of Barbados: 1995-2010
  • Volume 3– Survey of Living Conditions (SLC)
  • Volume 4– The Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA)
  • Volume 5– The Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) for Vulnerable Groups
  • Volume 6– The Institutional Assessment (IA)


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