Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Reduction Technology and Strategies to Improve Community Resilience (CARTS) Project, Westmoreland

Date of Approval
June, 2018
Approved total
$943,135 ($650,000 via CDRRF Grant and $293,135 from Implementing Agency & Partners)
Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Jamaica Red Cross Society, Meteorological Service of Jamaica , Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, National Works Agency, National Youth Service, Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Russia Benevolent Society, Social Development Commission, Water Resources Authority
Implementing agency
Westmoreland Municipal Corporation

The project aims to enhance disaster risk reduction capacities in the town of Savanna la Mar and three communities, namely Russia, New Market Oval and Llandilo Phase 1.  This will be achieved by: implementing floodwater control, coastal protection measures and early warning systems to improve the communities’ disaster risk management capacity; utilising ecosystem-based alternatives to enhance the livelihood options for community residents in Russia and New Market Oval; and improving the resilience of physical infrastructure and natural barriers to floods and other hazards.

Project Communities: Russia, New Market Oval, Llandilo Phase 1 and the town of Savanna-la-Mar