Llandewey/Ramble Environment and Disaster Mitigation Project, St. Thomas

Date of Approval
October, 2017
Approved total
$676,810 ($650,000 through CDRRF Grant; $26,810 from Implementing Agency & Partners)
Llandewey Disaster Risk Management Committee, National Works Agency, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Planning Institute of Jamaica, Rural Agricultural Development Authority, Social Development Commission, St. Thomas Municipal Corporation
Implementing agency
Llandewey/Ramble Community Development Committee Benevolent Society

The project aims to increase the resilience of the Llandewey and Ramble communities to the impacts of natural hazards and climate change.  This will be achieved by: rehabilitating critical public buildings to improve their resilience to floods, heavy rainfall and hurricanes; improving livelihoods through purchase of agro-processing equipment for the community and training community-based organisations and local builders in business and climate smart building construction practice, respectively; and strengthening community capacity in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation measures.

Project Communities: Llandewey and Ramble Districts, St. Thomas