The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is committed to ensuring that the privacy of persons who visit its website – that is, all sites within the “” domain name – are sufficiently safeguarded.   The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain to all users how CDB captures and employs information derived from the use of its website.

Information Obtained from Users

CDB would normally obtain non-personal information from users.  Such information includes, amongst other things, the city, town or country the user is surfing from; the device used to log onto the website; the operating system of that device; and the terms searched for or the referring website used to arrive at the CDB website.  The information gleaned would not enable CDB to know the personal details of or to identify any user, so users should not be concerned about this. CDB will use the data to inform decisions as to content and to support monitoring and evaluation of the performance of its website.  Information obtained from users will never be disposed of or shared with any other external party unless directed to do so by law.

Downloads from Website

Third party materials, including links to such materials and embedded videos, which appear on CDB website are presented “as is”.  CDB bears no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in such materials and users download such materials at their own risk.  CDB shall bear no liability for any damage caused to a user’s computer or other device by materials downloaded from CDB website, whether or not such material was originally generated by CDB and/ or incorporated into a material or embedded in its website. 

Maps and other Geographical Delineations

CDB would like to make it clear that any designation or demarcation of, or reference to, or photographic representation of, a particular territory or geographic area in its web content, is not intended to imply any opinion or judgment on the part of the CDB, its president, staff or any of its organs, as to the legal or other status of any territory or area or as to the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries. 

Use of CDB Materials

CDB would permit the use of its products or materials shared on its website for non-commercial purposes in so far as the user gives proper attribution to CDB.  Where CDB is concerned that the use of its works might pose a reputational risk, it would take steps to ensure   either that: (i) permission to use the product by the user is withdrawn or denied or (ii) the product or material is not incorporated into any other publication or works with questionable integrity. 

Complaints Regarding Materials

If any user believes that his or her rights or a third party’s rights are being violated by materials published on CDB’s site, they should kindly send an email to, setting out the basis of the complaints and providing CDB with sufficient particulars to enable CDB to investigate the complaint.  Any such complaints will be investigated within a fortnight from the day CDB received the full particulars of the complaints, whether or not in electronic format, signed by the complainant.    


If a user has any suggestions on how CDB can improve on the aesthetic quality and related aspects of its web design and content, please kindly send an email to and CDB staff will liaise with you in due course. 


Nothing contained in CDB’s website or in this Privacy Statement shall operate or be regarded as a waiver, renunciation or modification of any right, privilege or immunity of CDB under the Agreement establishing the Caribbean Development Bank, international conventions or any other applicable laws.