Haiti Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation: 2007 -2015
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Recommendation 1:  CDB should review and update the results framework for its Haiti Country Strategy at an appropriate interval over the CS cycle. The review should emphasise focused and realistic outcome statements, indicators, risks and assumptions, so that the framework can be used to manage and report on the Bank’s overall engagement. 

After discussions between Corporate Strategy and the Office of Independent Evaluation, and consultation with the Vice President-Operations, an approach to refining the Results Monitoring Framework (RMF) for the Haiti CSP was agreed.  The intent was to make the RMF more evaluable.  CDB then contracted a consultant, to assist members of the Haiti Country Strategy Team with revising the framework.  The consultant prepared a report that assessed the RMF and recommended refinement, particularly with respect to modifying the indicators to make the RMF more evaluable.  A workshop with the Haiti country team was conducted, as well as follow up with sector leads. Some of the planned sector interventions, and their expected results, are now being defined in more detail, and will be used to update the CSP RMF once complete. 

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