Office of Independent Evaluation: Five-Year Rolling Work Plan
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This five year plan for evaluation at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is articulated in three parts.  Part One examines the context for evaluation at the Bank, including its Evaluation Policy, strategic planning documents, policies and strategies, and co-investment partners.  Part Two surveys the broader Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) context of which CDB is a part, and highlights the particular trends in MDB policies and evaluation approaches which this plan should take account of.  Part Three sets out indicative plans for evaluation at CDB over the 2018 to 2022 period; the considerations that have informed these evaluation choices; the expected phasing and resource requirements; and some important enabling activities such as knowledge management and capacity building.    

It is important to note that this is conceived as a rolling plan, to be refreshed at least bi-annually, and in particular to take account of any significant changes in CDB’s strategic environment (for example a new Strategic Plan and/or Special Development Fund [SDF] Contributors’ Agreement). 

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