Notice of Election of President

The contract of employment of Dr. Wm. Warren Smith as President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) will expire on April 30, 2021, and he has indicated his intention to retire from the employ of the Bank with effect from that date.

Consistent with the Regulations as approved by the CDB Board of Governors for the election of the President of the Bank, Governors have been invited, by way of letter dated July 1, 2020, to submit nominations for the position of President no later than September 29, 2020.  No further nominations or withdrawals of nominations may be accepted thereafter unless the Board of Governors decides otherwise.

The election for the position shall be arranged and shall be held on a date to be determined by the Bank’s Board of Directors in such manner that at least the first vote shall be taken within 120 days from the notice of July 1, 2020, that is by October 28, 2020. The term of office of the President shall be for such period not exceeding five (5) years as the Board of Governors may determine.

In addition to being published on the Bank’s website, a copy of this notice is being forwarded to the Bank’s Channels of Communication within each of its member countries.