Procurement Templates

1. Procurement Plan Template– As part of the preparation of each project a procurement plan should be prepared and this will form part of the project Appraisal Report. Once a project is formally approved the procurement plan will be published on the CDB website (with budgetary values removed) and, subject to CDB approval, the plan should be updated at least on an annual basis.

2. Procurement Notice Templates:

3. Standard Bidding / Request for Proposal Document Templates and User Guides:

4. Evaluation Report Templates- CDB does not have mandatory evaluation report templates, but the following evaluation report templates/guidance for goods and works, as well as consultancy services provide a structured way for Recipients to report on the evaluation process and also provide guidance on the evaluation process. The goods and works evaluation template is designed for ICB procurements but can be amended for NCB.

5. Contract Award Templates- Once contracts are awarded under CDB projects, except for individual consultants, the correct template should be completed by the Recipient and submitted to CDB for publication on the CDB website.